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Lasting Collective is a curated selection of fashion brands, unique design and forward thinking new lifestyle concepts, giving an insight into the different approaches brands are choosing to create sustainably today. From preserving ancient handcrafting techniques to using completely new, responsible technologies and materials, and last but not least supporting the makers.




When choosing a brand the most important thing for us is that its products deliver highest quality (to last) paired with a beautiful, good design while being socially and environmentally responsible.

Good design means not just our personal taste. It's so much more. 

Design is not necessarily about the product—it's about the experience. It's something much bigger than the thing we think we are buying. It's about how something feels and makes us feel. Good design is innovative, functional, useful, aesthetic, intuitive, a good business, honest, long lasting, fulfilling a purpose, focused. Good design can be innovative or traditional, simple or complex, but it must serve a purpose and communicate an idea effectively.

For us unique design is as important as conscious production. One cannot exclude the other. Social and environmental responsibility should be self-evident.





INSIDE features brands with a focus on handcrafted production, we talk to the creators, visit their studios and showcase their work through mood boards. It's all about the people.

VISION shows responsible innovations such as new tec materials, innovative processes and production methods, new approaches, working towards a vision of a better future. We interview the specialists, talk to brands who chose to make this approach a part of their brand story.

EDITOR´S PICKS are brands that we like for their aesthetic, but they also respect a “good design approach”. We don’t judge. We don’t look at certificates, even though we think they are useful. Every effort towards a “better” design should be respected in our eyes. Brands have to go step by step. We are telling the stories how they do it, but we think at the same time that they should not rest on their “victories” and that’s why it is great to have websites like rank a brand who are watching them and checking in if they are making a constant effort.