Sustainable eyewear made from plastic. Means: Plastic is used and reused without creating more waste in the process. "To help make the world a better place. To put a smile on your face. But above all, to make you realize, there's a sunny side of plastic."


From the frames to the leather cases and cleaning cloths, sustainability is at the core of Dick Moby. Recycled Acetate is used for all black frames which consist of 97% recycled acetate while the remaining 3% are merely black ink. For the non black-colored frames bio-based acetate is used. Made without crude oil or toxic plasticisers, bringing pollution down to a minimum. 

The cases are sustainable, too, made from recycled leather. And the microfibre cleaning cloths? You got it. Made from recycled PET plastic bottles. 1 cloth is made of approximately 7 used plastic bottles. 

Also good to know: Certified lenses by ZEISS with hardened anti-scratch coating and anti-reflection coating. Maximum UV400 protection lenses. Strong five barrel hinges.




Dutch surf and water fanatics Tim and Robbert are at the head of the indie eyewear brand. Their mission: to address the plastic pollution of the oceans by making something positive out of plastic. 

Our mission is to reduce plastic pollution. Plastic is great, seriously! But hold your water, we’re not a fan of plastic pollution. We’re just saying not all plastic waste is bad. Yes, the bitter truth has a sweet spot. We call it: The sunny side of plastic!