Olderbrother fuses natural processes with playful spirits to create contemporary classics.We make clothes for people. We are the intermix between men/women, play/sophistication, and contemporary/nature-based design. Our universal garments, tailored to fit men, women and those in-between equally. No gender, gender-neutral, unisex et cetera.


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Naturally Dyed

Each naturally hand-dyed garment is subtly unique and completely free of heavy metals, salts, and toxins. After being loved to death, they can be buried in your backyard to organically decompose.

Eco-Concious Textiles

We work exclusively with eco-conscious textiles that range from small batch organics to renewable plant-based synthetics. We carefully select our textiles based on quality, environmental impact and social responsibility.

Made in The USA

Our garments are cut, sewn and dyed in sunny Los Angeles.Through our insistence on the most premium and transparent methods of garment creation, we occupy the forefront of the slow clothing revolution.


The Gallos - Morning Routine

Andrew and Carissa Gallo stick to a fairly regimented state of morning affairs. Good habits are formed through repetition. At the finest hour of golden light they awaken to brainstorm breakfast ideas and how to maximize the day.

Then, it’s on to morning calisthenics —jumping jacks, followed by an ancient inversions, ending with some good old fashioned side-to-side stretching. After strong cup of coffee they are ready to start the day.