A Peace Treaty was founded on the belief that wearing beautiful, handcrafted pieces, imbued with the story of their maker are the most beautiful and luxurious in the world. Designed in New York City, A Peace Treaty incorporates exquisite artisanal details from far-flung places such as Pakistan, Turkey, and Peru. The brand sees itself as a champion for slow fashion and preservationist of centuries-old techniques. The custom handmade pieces include scarves, jewelry, knits, ponchos, kaftans, and capes; essential travel wears for the well-traveled.



Embroidery from Afghanistan in collaboration with a collective of widowed women in Kabul who are working to rebuild their dignity and independence, gain literacy skills, and garner viable incomes. Using their cultural knowledge and traditions, the women hand embroider exquisite one-of-a kind shawls.

Jamdani weaving from Bangladesh: Once serving as the center of the Silk Road and textile trade, Bangladesh has a deep and rich history of weaving. The ancient and intricate Jamdani weaving technique works with a handloom, using needles to pull out silk and cotton threads.

Knitting from Bolivia: The Aymara and Quechua people of the Altiplano and Andes regions of Bolivia and Peru depend upon Alpaca farming and products for their livelihood. APT works with an all-women’s knitting cooperative that employs artisans from these indigenous groups.

Silk painting from Colorado, USA: Artisans hand paint unique, abstract designs onto silk in a palette of colors reflective of the Rocky Mountains where the pieces originate. The tradition has been passed down for generations.

And the list goes on: From patchwork leather shawls from Equador to jewelry, handwoven textiles, screenprinting, blockprinting, mud resist indigo from India. handwoven cashmere from Nepal, handwoven textiles from Pakistan, knitting from Peru, to jewelry from Turkey. For more info about each project visit their website.


Farah Malik and Dana Arbib founded A PEACE TREATY in 2008. Malik, a Pakistani Muslim, and Arbib, a Libyan Jew, share a love of fashion, along with a desire to increase awareness of disappearing crafting traditions. Bringing together Arbib’s background in graphic, textile and product design with Malik’s training in ancient Roman gold-smithing, A Peace Treaty has helped resuscitate family-run crafts businesses that were on the verge of extinction. They have also succeeded in offering boutique quality pieces from war-torn regions better known for negative coverage in the press than high fashion.

We invite you to travel through our products, discover the unexpected, learn about different techniques and cultures, and share that story with others.