Aikyou bras are made to highlight the assets and advantages of small busts by keeping it simple: No push-ups, no underwire and no side-stays needed as a small cup size simply doesn’t need that much support—while acting and manufacturing in a sustainable and fair way wherever feasible, extending to all aspects of the company to contribute to a more conscious and responsible economy.’



The main fabric used is fairtrade certified organic cotton, the yarn for which is spun in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, where it is also knitted and dyed. Design and cutting is done there, the last manufacturing step, equally Fairtrade-certified, is completed in Croatia. Dyed according to GOTS guidelines (Global Organic Textile Standard), it avoids any harming substances.

Suppliers from the region ensure transparent production conditions, from the printing of the look-books to the packaging, which is hand-sewn in a local charitable institution, to the fabric production. 

We do not consider lingerie to be necessarily limited to be worn underneath. Thus we design fashion-forward signature-pieces which are made to be seen. They complement many looks like shoulder-free tops, transparencies or wide-meshed knits