ANEKDOT is an upcycling underwear brand. This doesn’t mean you will be wearing someone else’s underwear. It means that all materials are sourced from production leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, headstock and vintage trimmings turning them into something beautiful and meaningful for your everyday life. Each creation is individually designed and crafted in Berlin to maintain the highest quality and the least wastage.



As an upcycling brand we’re in perpetual search for new opportunities to source our materials. This could be a closing down factory, maker’s surplus, production errors or miscalculations. The materials we use have never been previously worn, but we thought we’d give them a new chance to be enjoyed. For the above reasons our products are always limited editions and can hardly be reproduced.

It is within the nature of our business to individually handcraft each and every product that is created. Every product leaving our boutique will have gone through our own hands, minds, creativity and experience.

Our designs blossom from the materials available at any given time. We design based on what we have, not the other way around. This could be understood as a limit, but is exactly within those limits that we find excitement and inspiration.

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Sofie, the founder of Anekdot was born in Sweden, educated in Italy and trained in London working for Christopher Raeburn and From Somewhere.

Her studio is currently based between Berlin and Sweden. She loves to collaborate with talented creatives to broaden Anekdot’s horizons. 

We constantly strive away from mass produced mediocrity.