Made by small regional manufacturers, focusing on solid, sustainable quality in the making, selection and developing of fabrics, with an effort of using ecological materials and fibres whenever possible. A position to counter fast fashion and fast life—the loss of Individuality, Personality, Morality, Plurality and personal time.


All fabrics are designed by ANNTIAN. Graphics are often hand painted or handprinted, to make the piece unique and abnormal. Of great importance for is the closeness to the product, and it‘s regional manufacturers, so as the increasing usage of ecological fabrics and materials. The clothes are full of hidden details, conceptual authorized, differing and individual.

The Collections always tell a story revealing a very own little world within. The shown fictions due to the conceptual and harmonic collections are meant to sensitize, to force on a depth look upon things. Reduced, clear, complexity in detail, importance of quality, haptics and individuality of each product. Conceptual work runs throughout the range, so as several working techniques that get visible in different ways. Just like the printing process of the clothes which is actually a paper printing-technique.



The Designers Anne Hilken & Christian Kurt started the label in Berlin 2006 with their first collection SS07 "a stripes back". Since then, presentations of their collections are shown in private locations twice a year during Paris and Tokyo fashion week. In 2015 they opened the ANNTIAN Land studio 1 hour from Berlin.

ANNTIAN clothing is meant to pleasure one’s life for many many years—handing out the impuls and the motivation to explore the spectrum of Life.