We want to demonstrate that a 100% responsible business practice is the only way to do business. The origins of our products are key to our concept. It’s where we draw on the expertise of local people, whose artisan skills are passed on from generation to generation. At Aiayu, it’s our deep desire to keep these ancient traditions alive. That’s why we make a point of communicating the origins of our products, insights about the local people, their culture and traditions.

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ZERO WASTE. In their Indian production all leftover cotton fabric and cuttings are used to make small items like tote bags and hang tags but also larger designs like Raw Quilts and Raw Rugs. All zero waste products are unique and made in limited editions.

LOCAL & FAIR.   Producing their products where they originate, goes hand in hand with their support of the local communities by implementing programs that contribute to the quality of life of their artisans, their wellbeing and community.

ECO MATERIALS.  From Llama wool from the Altiplano of Bolivia (considered one of the highest quality and most durable wools in the world, making it long lasting and unlikely to pill), GOTS certified organic cotton from India, grown without harmful chemicals, Yak from the remote areas of the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet. Any form of refinement to the wool, from sorting to spinning and weaving is done by hand in Nepal. It takes a skilled spinner 1 month to spin 2 kilos of Yak wool, enough for 5 Aiayu Lahan shawls. 

Handspun pure cashmere from the goats that inhabit the highlands of Inner Mongolia is refined in Nepal. Some of these cashmere products are made by hand - from sorting to spinning, to weaving to dying - as the indigenous people of these regions have done for centuries, others are machine made. It’s all part of the overall goal of preserving traditions and helping the challenged communities in Nepal.



At Aiayu, we seek producers who are certified in sustainability. By complying with these standards and certification initiatives, they demonstrate to us their credibility and commitment towards improving their impact on the environment.


Denmark is our base, where we work creatively and design all our products. It’s where we grew up with a love of nature and a profound appreciation of honesty and simplicity as the true essence of beauty...

We believe that a product’s origins, sustainable production and environmental impact are of equal importance as its aesthetic. It’s the combination of these elements, together with an enduring design, that makes a product truly luxurious.

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Our goal is to merge ancient skills with a Scandinavian simplicity, and create alluring, uncomplicated designs you will cherish forever – beyond any fleeting fashion trend. Knowing that the designs were made with respect for the women and men who crafted them, bringing a renewed sense of pride to these artisans, their communities, and to you and us.