Every day we strive to make the best customized hats, caps, bags, backpacks and accessoiries for people around the world. Captn Crop values functionality and quality above all. We love to continuously experiment and investigate on new materials, styles or techniques.


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The uniquetechnique Moritz developed since 2007, is the result of an autoditactic research process that has evolved through the years. Currently this method involves different stages of cutting, sewing, dying, gluing, pressing, ironing, burning, waiting and painting. At Captn Crop you can choose from either ready made single pieces, or you can fully customize your own item. In fabric, style or size.

The fabrics are sourced from all over the world. "Wherever we are, we keep an eye open for special material we could use or reuse for our products. We strive to use as much as possible of what is available around us. From old carpets found in morocco, to curtains of abandoned hotels or an old sail found in the mud on a beach. Through this approach we are happy to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We take what people consider waste or of little value and transform it into unique products."

The Captn Crop »ship«-shop and hat-making studio is based in Neukölln, Berlin where every item is made. It´s all there: you can watch the craftsmen while trying on hats or choosing the fabrics for your customized item. The interior of the workshop has been entirely built from wood and pièces trouvé.The original concept was to recreate a ship inside the shop that would allow for a striking display as well as a spacious working area.


Captn Crop was founded in 2007 by Moritz Wolfgruber when he created his own technique of making hats. Moritz started creating hats because he felt the need for handcrafted products that are as unique as the people who wear them.Over the years it evolved into much, much more.