Fauvel shoes aim to achieve a balance between tradition and innovation whilst maintaining the designer's own personal touch; adding a feminine element to artisanal shoemaking.


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“Producing a small run allows a strong focus on high quality fabrication and also preserves exclusivity in production. Entirely made by hand in my workshop the design and production is united in the same space and allows freedom in design and research.” 


Morgane Fauvel is a French-born designer and shoemaker based in Paris. A graduate of the Atelier Chardon Sarvard in 2011, she proceeded to complete her formation in shoes at the Robert Clergerie Ecole du Style. She has since worked as assistant stylist at the innovative ETS de Callatay. From this solid foundation she launched her namesake line, Fauvel. 100% hand made in Paris and produced in-house, the label champions a strong philosophy in technical and aesthetic innovation.

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I propose minimal shoes, combining attention to detail and technical originality. The shoes are distinctly classic with masculine traits, which follow artisanal construction techniques in production.