Blackyoto re-imagines iconic classics of utilitarian fashion design by saturating them with the deepest of blacks. Comprised of camo coats, filed jackets, workwear pants and mesh T-shirts, Blackyoto ‘rescues’ military garments from across Europe found on flea markets and through vintage dealers.



Symbolising ‘strength’, ‘dignity’, ‘darkness’ and ‘austerity’, the color black resonates deeply within Japanese culture as a spiritual color.

Having been tincturing traditional garments for the past century, the Montsuki Co.,Ltd now venture to take on ‘modern blackness’ through dying modern dress materials with the revolutionary ‘Junguro’ genuine black dyeing technique using ecological dye compounds and ‘shinkuro’ oxide finishing.




Brit Jeremy McAlpine, founder and C.E.O. of BLACKYOTO, is an old stager when it comes to fashion, beside others he developed the global launch strategy for Y-3, Adidas’s partnership with Yohji Yamamoto. On his extensive travels he fell in love with Japan. When he experienced garment-dyeing firsthand on a visit to Kyoto Montsuki, the depth of the black they were able to achieve in clothing amazed him. 

I wanted to bring together the incredible craftsmanship of vintage garments with the artistry of Japanese dyeing.

pictures courtesy of LN-CC