Red dot awarded German engineered high-end sneakers. Futuristic products with a strong heritage background are at the core of this pioneer in wearables. We love them for their unpretentious sustainability with products like the wood sneaker and rainboots made of recycled denim.


Designed in Germany, produced mostly in Italy and Spain, nat-2 is the outcome of a family business, run in the 6th generation since 1856.

The roots of the brand lie in the early 90ies graffiti, street- and boardsport culture, admiring the innovative power of the techy, cool 80ies. Combining a strong heritage with highly innovative products inspired by german industrialism & quality.

Luxurious materials are featured on futuristic high-tech items (in 2014 nat-2™ is announced one of the 30 most creative companies in Germany), classic and rugged styles from its archives or novelties ranging from such as the 4 in 1 Stack to thermo-sensitive, heat reactive, colorchanging sneakers to the world’s first vegan sneakers made from real wood (read more about it here)...




Sebastian Thies, founder and designer of nat-2, represents the 6th generation of shoemakers since 1856. Born into one of the oldest shoe-dynasties in Europe, he  founded the brand in 2007 in Munich, Germany. As one of his first innovations he and launched the world’s first ever 2 in 1 shoe, which was developed behind closed doors over several years and won him a red dot nomination.

nat-2 is about passion and style. We don’t consider ourself as a purely “sustainable” brand, but we do our best, wherever it is possible—and when ever it makes sense—to be, act and produce “sustainable”. In general our list of innovations in the area of sustainability is pretty impressive and beats many brands that dub themselves sustainable.